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CHRIS DOWNING Owner/Operator of D24 Fitness

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Beach Body Super Trainer

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natural competition
fitness champion

Before working with Donny I worked out on a regular basis, but I never saw good gains. This was due to improper form/workouts and nutrition. 


Over time, working with Donny changed my life. I was eating more, it was clean and I saw improvements all around... My mood, energy, the way my body looked, etc.  One large change was that in my shoulder/rotator cuff, I had problems with it beforehand, and we worked together to strengthen it up. What a difference! 


My goal was to compete in Men's Physique, not only did we meet that goal, we surpassed it and I did 3 shows overall in the past year and a half, with my best show placing 2nd!


He taught me proper form, and diet over this time. We cleaned up my eating, bulked a little, shredded fat, bulked, and then finally shredded again for my last competition. MASSIVE GAINS! Since then, I have become a great friend to Donny, his work ethic and drive in the industry is top notch and motivating! He is fun to work with and I look forward to continuing to do so over time as I continue to compete. Team Lucas all the way.



northern natural

After 2 years of training for Obstacle Course Racing events, I was in need of a new goal. I decided I wanted to compete in a physique competition. I was referred to Donny by a trainer friend that I had worked with previously to prepare for races. I had never trained or eaten for this type of competition and had never actually seen a show. Donny immediately set to work dialing in my meal plan and training schedule. We worked together for 20 weeks in preparation for the Northern Natural NPC event in Cleveland in the fall. Through the challenges of show prep, Donny was always available to coach and advise me with any questions or concerns I had (and there were plenty.  

At my “practice” show the Ohio State Championships I took 1st in Masters men and 4th in novice men's physique. 2 weeks later at the Northern Natural I took 1st in open class C and 2nd in masters men's Physique.

Through Donnys' experience and coaching, I exceeded my own expectations. Through the process, I went from 210 to a lean and conditioned 185. Thank you Donny for helping me reach and exceed my goals!


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